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Please note this is the first program of many to come. But the beachbum bae detox is a very strict and intense program. If you have health issues or looking for a more long term program then this detox is not for you. But stay tuned Mel and I are putting together a few programs for everyone to enjoy and get the best body and fit lifestyle one can get.

About | NIXX
Eat clean train dirty!
Welcome to Body By Nixx!
Fitness is part of my programming. All of my childhood memories involve me working out and being in the gym.
I also trained in soccer, tennis, track, and boxing, to name a few. Throughout the years I think I’ve done it all, even trying every diet out there from the dangerous to the just plain awful, ultimately finding the ones that fit my lifestyle and needs. After years of success stories motivating my friends and acting as their fitness coach, I decided to make a career out of it. I got certified and insured to train, retaining certifications through ISSA, NASM and the Equinox Academy. Continuing education on the newest research and techniques is a daily priority.
A typical session with me will include body weight resistance training and simple but complex movement.
My specialty is weight loss and muscular endurance. Teaching my clients to not only make better eating habits but to train their cardiovascular level to reach new heights. This will achieve faster results and to lean out for special occasions or simply to just lose fat and build muscle.
I train my clients at private gyms, homes, and outdoor parks. My clients love how I break the monotony of the mundane workouts they struggled through before working with me. Stick with me and my program and I promise you’ll get the results you want. I can’t wait to meet you and change your life. Let’s go!
Extreme weight loss
For extreme weight loss goals in a hurry I can provide you with a strict workout schedule, meal plan, dietary supplements and boosters through a board certified doctor. Call for more info 310.482.1798
My | Services

Personal training sessions
Private | Sessions are 1 to 2 hours
Group up to 5 people | Session are 1 to 2 hours

Daily cooked meals
I will be preparing the meals for you at my home or I can prepare them in your home after training sessions. I can prepare them daily or every other day. You will receive 3 meals per day plus snacks.
Functional massage and Stretching
Every session includes 15 minutes of stretching afterwards. If you would like an extended stretching as well as relaxation massage I can provide that as well for an additional fee.

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